Different types of turning

  • Différents types de Tournage

Exterior and interior turning

Evatec-tools offers a wide range of external and internal turning tools for turning, profiling and facing operations:

  • Tool holder
  • Angle of attack
  • Standard or HP watering nozzle
  • Type of insert (grades and geometry)

Our technicians are able to advise you on the clamping system for the insert in the tool holder, depending on the type of operation to be performed and the size of the part.The goal is to achieve optimal chip control and surface finish. Choosing the right tool will prevent burrs and vibrations.

For large workpieces requiring a high degree of robustness, toolholders with negative inserts are recommended. For sticky materials with delicate chip evacuation, positive geometries are available.

Heavy duty turning

This type of turning involves the machining of large parts on robust and powerful machines requiring large chip removals, on irregular surfaces, with large, variable cutting depths of up to 20 mm.
In order to secure the process and to control the swarf, evatec-tools offers well thought-out geometries, combined with tough, heat-resistant grades, to reduce machine downtime and to achieve an excellent surface finish.

Hard turning

The machining of hard material parts, such as steels with a hardness of 55-65 HRC, is still often done by grinding. Hard turning, combined with adapted cutting geometries and grades, allows for a reduction in machining time.

Hard turning is characterized by low cutting depths and feed rates and by high specific cutting forces. Very high temperatures occur during the work (between 500° and 1500° depending on the case) at the interface of the cutting edge and the workpiece.

The development and improvement of various cutting materials such as ceramics, CBN and micrograin carbides have made it possible to replace the grinding process with the machining of hard materials with defined cutting geometries. For example, ceramics and CBN are used primarily for turning, while solid carbide tools with a micrograin structure are also used for drilling and milling.


  • Ecroutage de barre

Bar peeling is an economical machining method used to remove oxidized rolling crusts, surface cracks, surface deformations and cracks from hot rolled or forged bars, tubes or billets.

The material is automatically fed to the peeling lathe, which removes surface imperfections, providing bars with sufficient tolerances and ovality for subsequent machining or extrusion.

The bars are guided into the cutting area and centered by rollers and are only moved in translation during the peeling operation. The surface crust varying between 0.2 and 13 mm is removed by means of carbide inserts mounted in solo, duo or trio on cassettes fixed on a peeling head animated by a rotation movement.

evatec-tools offers adapted tools :

  • For bar diameters from 4 to 400 mm generally;
  • For a depth of cut from 0.2 mm minimum to 13 mm maximum;
  • For the following materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, spring steel...

Bar peeling is a very productive machining method because the surface finishes and dimensional tolerances obtained are of very good quality; this makes it possible to reduce the number of subsequent machining operations and thus to save on production costs.

Anti-Vibration Boring Bar

In order to solve your vibration problems evatec-tools can offer you anti-vibration systems adapted to the different machining operations. This will allow you to improve your cutting conditions, your surface conditions and to reduce your tool breakage.

For example, in an effort to precisely meet the customer's need, the group successfully manufactured a 3-meter long rigid boring bar (Ø bar body 150mm; Ø boring head 180mm) containing oil under pressure.

This tool was designed for trimming solid carbon and graphite parts (blanks) and for finishing bores.

Such parameters for a boring bar make it possible to maintain the tolerances of the final dimension of the bore over a depth of 1500 mm while ensuring an excellent surface finish.

  • Barre d'Alésage Anti-Vibration