Countersink Tools

Automatic Laminating

Evatec-tools has developed an automatic boring tool holder for boring, chamfering or facing of hard-to-reach holes.

Compared to traditional machining methods, the use of this type of tool saves time and increases productivity, since idle times due to machine stops and tool handling are reduced. In fact, no manual intervention is required during the work phase and the machine can perform the dressing operation several times, autonomously.

In order to determine the working strokes and clearance lengths, evatec-tools carries out a feasibility study according to the specific needs of the customer. This study takes into account the material to be machined (all types of steel, alloys, etc.) as well as the direct environment.

The programming cycle is simple because it only involves a plunge movement (Z axis) associated with rotations either to the left or to the right. The evatec-tools automatic laminating system can be operated with or without central watering.

Range of Lamer Tools

  • Gamme d'outils à  Lamer

In order to provide machining time savings compared to conventional methods, evatec-tools has developed a powerful range of pull and push lamination tools that provide a quality end result in terms of flat and aligned surface.

Pulling and pushing lamination with faceting blade

  • HSS blade 5% cobalt
  • A carbide inserts

Lamination by eccentricity

  • Eccentric draw bar

Strawberry lamination

  • Cutting range with insert cutter

Special drilling tools

  • Lamination in large diameter
  • Combination tool holders
  • Special blade
  • Special drilling tool holders