Special and standard tools for drilling

  • Outils spéciaux et standards pour le perçage

Evatec-tools offers a wide range of drilling tools that will meet your needs, both special and standard:

HSS drill blade and blade holder available for your holes from 35 to 220 mm diameter for useful lengths up to 1000 mm;

HSS drill bit and holder bar - bit diameter 25 to 80 mm for working lengths from 300 to 1000 mm;

Drill with inserts from 20 to 250 mm diameter for useful lengths from 2 to 20 mm;

One-piece carbide drill on plane;

3/4" drill bit with carbide or PCD tip

Core drilling

  • Carottage

evatec-tools offers an economical and efficient solution for the realization of your through holes up to 800 mm in diameter :

Coring is a technique that consists of machining a circular groove that when it opens up, detaches the central core called a sprue. Can be used :

As a static tool for turning ;
As a rotary tool for machining centers, milling or boring machines ;
Possibility of attacking the hole inclined or on curved faces (whistle opening) ;


  • Power usage reduced by 50%;
  • Chip volume reduced by 70% to 90%.
  • Recovery of a piece of recyclable material
  • Ideal solution for drilling all difficult materials (steel, exotic stainless steel, titanium, bronze)

Core drilling answers a wide variety of machining problems:

  • Core drilling of intersecting holes
  • Socket on ferrule / tube
  • Partial radiated form
  • Secant holes (pipeline)
  • Attack on irregular surface
  • Whistle" exit
  • Secant plane bi-material
  • Bundled sheets
  • Front throat blank
  • Sample collection


  • Forage

Front throat blank Evatec-tools offers a range of tools designed to achieve large drilling depths in complete safety with a quality of cutting edges and flutes that allow excellent chip evacuation.

Whatever the industrial sector, aeronautics, energy, steel industry, armament or heavy mechanics, the know-how of our design and methods offices is at the forefront in the development of a tool meeting the customer's needs :

- Drill head Ø40 to Ø57 without cartridge with inner, middle and outer insert and guide pads

- Drill head Ø58 to Ø145 with inner, middle and outer cartridge under the insert and guide pads


For a general configuration (drilling of steel and alloyed steel), Evatec-tools offers an insert with standard chip-breaking geometry, in grade CU205 (P25) with a fairly wide operating spectrum with PVD TiAlN coating.

For a high performance configuration for hard drilling of stainless steels (cast iron, titanium and superalloys), evatec-tools offers an insert with chip-breaking geometry and sharp cut in G19 grade (M20/K15/S15) that combines a hard substrate and a high performance PVD coating for oxidation resistance, high chemical stability and improved wear resistance..


One-piece pad in G2DS grade: Carbide substrate adapted to the stresses of drilling and optimal PVD coating combining increased load resistance and excellent tribological behavior.