Composites and Nida

Composite and Honeycomb materials

  • Usinage de piece composite

Composite materials and honeycomb structures have opened up indispensable outlets, particularly in the aeronautics and aerospace industries. Having exceptional characteristics, the machining of these materials is difficult and requires adapted tools. Depending on the structure of the composite (laminated, honeycomb, sandwich) and its material (Carbon, Glass fiber, Kevlar, Nomex, Aluminum...), the performance of the cutting tools remains the criterion of choice to avoid any machining defect.

These structures therefore present many constraints for machining such as:

  • the heterogeneity of the structure,
  • sticking and abrasive tool wear,
  • the risk of delamination or tearing.

These constraints put a strain on the cutting tools. Achieving performance in the machining of composite materials therefore depends on the choice of essential factors:

  • the cutting geometry,
  • the material of the tool
  • the combination of adapted tools

evatec-tools is a leading French player in the manufacture of tools dedicated to the machining of composite materials. The total mastery of the tungsten carbide manufacturing chain as well as the know-how in 5-axis sharpening give the group the possibility to create and manufacture an innovative range of tools bringing substantial gains to the machinists.

Tools for the machining of Composite Materials and Honeycombs

  • Outils pour l'usinage des matériaux composites et nids d'abeille

For our customers, the cost per metre machined is an essential factor. The range of tools for the machining of composite materials and honeycombs designed and manufactured by evatec-tools allows significant economic gains. The main improvements are seen in the increase in cutting conditions, material throughput, tool resistance to wear and finally in the quality of machining.
A range of tools optimized for all types of applications: contouring, face milling, 5-axis milling and drilling of honeycomb, laminate or sandwich structure.

Valves from Ø10 to 125mm

Applications: Surface finishing and shape milling on nomex and aluminum honeycomb

Toolholder and carbide cutter sets, smooth or toothed to optimize your performance, and interchangeable to improve your profitability.

Combined milling tools from Ø10 to 63mm

Applications : Milling of grooves, pockets and convex and concave surfaces on nomex honeycomb, fiberglass, aluminum and kevlar. Combination tools with tool holders, knives and interchangeable carbide cutters. Depending on the material you are machining and the performance you are looking for, we offer smooth or saw-toothed knives or bread knives, as well as milling cutters with roughing or finishing teeth.

Solid carbide burs for honeycomb

Applications: Grooving and contouring on nomex, aluminum and kevlar honeycomb

Micrograin carbide cutter, from ø10 to 20mm with a working length of 35 to 110mm and roughing or finishing teeth from 6 to 20 teeth.

Carbide Roughing/Finishing Cutters

Solid carbide end mills with alternating roughing teeth with chip breaker and smooth and sharp finisher, which allow a better cutting of the fibers.

Applications: Specially designed for grooving and contouring of sandwich structures with carbon fiber or fiberglass skins and kevlar.

Carbide routers

Applications: The alternating left and right teeth allow to oppose the cutting forces and thus avoid delamination while the two flutes allow a good evacuation of the dust which makes this milling cutter particularly effective for the routing of laminated composite materials such as carbon fibers, glass fibers and Kevlar.

Carbide end mills with flush cut

Applications: Specially designed for grooving and contouring laminated sandwich materials, the folding cut allows the composite sheet to be compressed in its thickness and thus avoid delamination.

PCD milling cutters

2-tooth PCD milling cutters with center cut.

Applications: Excellent for grooving and contouring laminated composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar with a very long life.

Other applications on demand

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