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Design and manufacture of tools - Aero sector

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Through research and development projects concretized by numerical modelling and successful field trials, the evatec-tools group has developed an innovative know-how in machining solutions for the aeronautics industry.

A wide range of high-performance tools is offered :

  • Cutting tools for the machining of composite materials and honeycombs
  • Carbide inserts for superalloy machining
  • PCD milling cutters for operations such as routing and contouring honeycombs in nomex
  • Carbide-tipped drill heads for drilling materials such as steel, titanium and superalloys
  • Carbide-tipped core drill bit for through holes up to 600mm diameter
  • CBN and PCD inserts, with insert or monobloc, for machining aluminium, high hardness steels and superalloys
  • Ceramics in different grades: CYB grade, mixed ceramics, for finishing hardened steels and semi-finishing refractory superalloys if toughness requirements are low; CYW grade, whisker-reinforced ceramics, with excellent toughness and high wear resistance for turning superalloys and nickel bases