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Wear tools

Blanks and ground parts

  • Ébauches et Pièces Rectifiées

Do you work with processes involing high impact or intense wear on your parts or tools?

The evatec-tools group manufactures adapted and optimized solutions for cold heading, semi-hot heading, cutting and metal forming companies. We can supply you with rough carbide blanks up to polished-glazed parts and we can also offer you a re-branding service.

From tools weighing a few grams to those weighing several tens of kilograms, we manufacture all types of tools in carbides or special steels, according to our customers' drawings and requirements :
dies from 20 to 300 mm diameter, for a height not exceeding 300 mm, punches from 3 to 150 mm in diameter, from special and standard carbides, high speed steels, cast or sintered.

Carbide or Steel Products and Applications

  • Wear part requiring high hardness and high precision
  • Tungsten carbide blank, rough or ground
  • Cold or semi-hot striking die
  • Steel/hardened carbide assembly
  • Extrusion, cutting and forming tools
  • Hallmark of shape
  • Spinning and sizing die
  • Channel for cartridges and ammunition
  • Bouterolle
  • Cutting and scraping ring
  • Branch
  • Pebble

Evatec-tools distinguishes itself by its know-how in the finishing of wear parts requiring high precision and very high hardness, up to 67HRC for steels and 2000HV for carbide. The group has developed poles dedicated to finishing, with the creation of air-conditioned premises, for grinding and wire and sinker EDM operations.

Realization of custom blanks

  • Réalisation d'ébauches sur mesure

Realization of custom blanks : screw holes, screw head counterbores, chamfers, etc...

The realization of raw sintering blanks, i.e. without any post-sintering operation of the parts, can be carried out according to the customer's drawing with finished dimensions to which our technicians calculate and add the extra thickness necessary for a later finishing.

This excess thickness depends on the geometry and grade of the part. It is calculated as accurately as possible in order to reduce the cost of subsequent grinding.

All shapes can be roughened with grinding allowances or made directly to the required dimension if the tolerance is compatible (screw holes, screw head counterbores, chamfers, etc.).

Evatec-tools quality carbide

  • Four Traitement HIP

The group has developed a recognized know-how in the development of tungsten carbide grades. In the metallurgical laboratory, the grades are not only developed but also tested.

evatec-tools manufactures its own mixtures by mastering the grinding and granulation of tungsten carbide, cobalt and other additive powders.

Our HIP furnace allows us to fine-tune all the parameters of the sintering cycles and significantly and consistently improve the metallurgical quality of our products. The quality of the carbide obtained gives a better resistance to cracking and bending, due to the absence of porosity in the core of the material.

HIP cycles are beneficial for grades with a cobalt content of less than 15%, and are imperatively required for "low cobalt" grades, i.e. with a cobalt content of 5% or less (grade types K01 to K05).