Monobloc Carbide Burs

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evatec-tools offers a range of versatile and optimized carbide end mills designed for roughing and finishing adapted to different applications, shapes, part sizes and materials: Steel - Cast iron - Stainless steel - Refractory - Titanium - Aluminium - Plastic.

  • F1ST Polyglace milling cutter (1 tooth, center cut, polyglace flute
  • Standard cutter F2ST (2 teeth, center cut, 30° helix, PVD TiAlN coating)
  • Standard cutter F3ST (3 teeth, center cut, PVD TiAlN coating)
  • High Performance Cutter F4HP (4 staggered teeth, center cut, variable helix 35° 38°, PVD TiAlN coating)
  • F4RA milling cutter (4 teeth, center cut, variable helix 35° 38°, roughing profile and chamfer 0,2 PVD TiAlN coating)
  • Titanium milling cutter F4TI : 4 staggered teeth, variable helices, high performance PVD AlCrN
  • F4IR refractory stainless steel milling cutter: 4 staggered teeth, variable helix, optimized chip pockets, high performance PVD TiAlN

Evatec-tools has also designed a range of milling cutters for the machining of "molding" and "tooling" steels :

  • Hemispheric
  • Roughing and finishing with 4 and 6 teeth
  • Toric

The group's in-house design and manufacturing expertise also enables it to offer customers special one-piece tools adapted to specific needs and constraints, whether in terms of flute, radius, dimensions or watering in the flutes.

Insert milling tools - Standard or Special

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Thanks to the combination of an integrated design office and an efficient and constantly renewed machine park, evatec-tools designs and manufactures milling tools based on customers' requests, which can be standard or special depending on the type of need and the sector: automotive, aeronautics, energy, railway, defense, heavy and precision mechanics.

From the simplest to the most complex, whether it is for surfacing, chamfering, deep shoulder machining, cutting/sawing operations or to gain in stability and productivity, evatec-tools knows how to listen to its customers in order to study and develop the solution that will perfectly meet the desired result.

Our specialists will be able to offer you suitable inserts and grades, depending on the material being machined, for efficient and optimal milling.

Range of milling cutters with inserts:

- Special (custom-made, according to your needs)

- Standard for various operations

  • Surfacing-Rainfacing-Channeling
  • HPKX - HPCX type plates

  • Surfacing-Straightening-Lining
  • XPLX - XDLX - XOLX high speed inserts
  • Insert for RPMX - RPHX - RDHX Form Cutter

  • Surfacing-Grooving-Shouldering
  • SDKX - SDHX type plates

  • Surfacing-Rainurage-Channeling
  • SOKX type plates