Technicality and Control

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The key words of our relationship are: technicality, quality, availability and reactivity.

Our highly qualified technicians and our constantly evolving high-performance machines enable us to guarantee high levels of precision for your most demanding applications.


- Milling centers from 3 to 5 axes
- NC turning and hard turning
- Grinding: flat, internal cylindrical, external, non-circular profile, peripheral
- 5 axis grinding machines
- Wire and sinker EDM
- Polishing

Carbide manufacturing

- Grinding, mixing and granulation workshop
- Pre-sintering furnaces, sintering, HIP sintering
- Pelleting presses, mechanical, hydraulic, isostatic

- Cutting and shaping

Adapted control means: the guarantee of a high precision production

- Video microscope and metallurgical control
- Hardness measurement - Video imaging dimensional control system
- 3D scanner for edge radius control
- Single and double touch probe
- Rugosimeter
- Three-dimensional control machine
- Control bench and tool presetting

Quality of evatec-tools

  • Qualite du carbure

The group has developed a recognized know-how in the production of tungsten carbide grades. In the metallurgical laboratory, the qualities are not only developed but also tested.

evatec-tools manufactures its own mixtures by mastering the grinding and granulation of tungsten carbide, cobalt and other additive.

Our HIP furnace allows us to precisely control all the parameters of the sintering cycles and to significantly and consistently improve the metallurgical quality of our products. The quality of the carbide obtained gives a better resistance to cracking, and to bending, because of the absence of porosity in the core of the material.
HIP cycles are beneficial for grades with a cobalt content of less than 15%, and are imperatively required for "low cobalt" grades, i.e. with a cobalt content of 5% or less (grade types K01 to K05).

Continuous Improvement - ISO 9001 Certification

Evatec-tools' quality approach was motivated by the mobilization of the 4 structures making up the group around a common project: to develop a culture of continuous improvement of the quality and performance of our activities.
The recognition in May 2006 of the management system of our group by obtaining the ISO 9001 certification allows Evatec-tools :

  • to offer a guarantee of confidence to our customer and supplier partners,
  • make our quality efforts visible to our employees,
  • to reinforce our commercial image,
  • ensure the future of our group and our co-workers.

Evatec-tools is formally committed to continuous improvement with the support of several support systems and the deployment of Lean Manufacturing approaches.

We aim for excellence and for that, we work continuously to propose an offer that satisfies you a little more every day...That is the Evatec-tools commitment !