Different turning methods to reduce your machining time

Various types of turning exist, due to the shape and the material of the part, the conditions, requirements, etc. That’s why evatec-tools offers innovative solutions to allow you to improve the final product quality while reducing cutting time.


Hard Turning

  • tournage dur

The “hard turning” process is characterised by low cutting depths and feed rates and by high specific cutting forces. Very high temperatures (500°C to 1500°C depending on conditions) are generated at the point of contact between the cutting edge and machined part during working.

Competitive hard turning solutions are brought to you by
evatec-tools with materials designated to withstand these high temperatures: mixed ceramics and CBN. All these materials are able to maintain their hardness and therefore their wear resistance when hot.



Grinding is the method still widely used for machining parts made from hard materials. Compared with this, however, hard turning with the correct cutting geometry takes only a third of the time and at only a third of the cost.

The development, and more important still, the improvement of various cutting materials like ceramics, CBN, and micrograin carbides now allows grinding of hard materials to be replaced by cutting, with defined cutting geometries. Thus for turning, ceramics and CBN are the main cutting edge materials, whereas for drilling and milling, integrated micrograin-structure carbide tools are preferred.

Internal boring

The evatec-tools range includes a wide selection of internal boring tools for large-scale straight boring/truing and profiling operations. For large parts requiring a high degree of robustness, negative rake inserts and tool holders are advised. For sticky materials with delicate chip removal, positive geometries are available.

Heavy turning

For machining very large parts on heavy duty machines, with high chip removal volumes and pass depths of up to 20 mm, carefully designed geometries combined with tough grades that withstand heating allow the work to be carried out in complete safety.

Thread cutting

A range of evatec-tools thread cutting products is available to guarantee accurate cutting of threads of different types and pitches, both externally and internally.

Groove cutting

 The evatec-tools groove cutting schedule includes internal and external tools. There is a wide range of products available for a large variety of applications.

Special tool holders

  • PO spécial

To optimise your current performance and provide solutions for your special applications, evatec-tools designs special tools that allow several cutting operations to be combined into one.

These innovative solutions enable improvements in the final quality while reducing machining cycle times.

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