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Create Outillage relies on reactivity - Reportage site Create Outillage (69)

The subsidiary of the Evatec-tools group, specialized in tools for stamping, cutting and forming, is constantly investing in a machine park to increase productivity but also to meet the demands for more complex tools.


Create Outillage relies on reactivity

Carbide grades for cutting tools or wear parts with Evamet, carbide and steel tools for cold heading and extrusion with Create Outillage, tool bodies and attachments with GMO, cutting tools in CBN, PCD and ceramics and monobloc rotating tools with Evatec. The French group Evatec-Tools has been able to pool its skills in order to propose a personalized and optimized product offer. For example, for the manufacture of tools, it relies on its subsidiary in Vaulx-en-Velin, near Lyon (Rhône). A production site acquired in 2010. Create Outillage was then a customer of Evamet, which supplied carbide grades.

This specialist in the manufacture of carbide and steel tooling is aimed at cold and semi-hot forging, cutting and metal forming companies. It also offers a re-coring service (changing the core of the die) and tool sharpening, in order to revive the active surfaces.

Carbide Specialties

Managed by Franck Chapelle, Create Outillage is able to manufacture dies from 20 to 300 mm in diameter, for a height not exceeding 300 mm, punches from 3 to 150 mm in diameter, from special and standard carbides, high speed steels, cast or sintered. Its customers include Forges de Froncles, Koyo Jtekt, ZF Lemförder Mécacentre, Massilly, Böllhoff Otalu, Mecaéro, NTN-SNR and Metalis.

The subsidiary of the Evatec-Tools group has grown from 17 to 22 employees in the space of 4-5 years. "We take on two apprentices each year," says Benjamin Julliere, manager of the group, which was founded by his father in 1992. The turnover has also increased, from 1.3 million euros in 2010 to 2.38 million euros, seven years later. "It is thanks to efficient production facilities, the know-how of our technicians and by using the commercial synergy of the group, that Create Outillage has been able to develop on other markets," explains Benjamin Julliere. The Rhone-Alpes tooling manufacturer obtains its raw materials from Evamet's Le Creusot plant. "This means we are not dependent on an external supplier for raw materials," says Mr. Julliere.

High Hardness

The new technologies embedded in its production machines have enabled the group to improve its productivity, and therefore its reactivity, "by ensuring greater precision and better repeatability. The group's manager adds: " We are focusing our investments on manufacturing high-precision tools. We are increasing our capacity to enter complex markets ". And he cites the Studer production facilities, which " enable us to achieve a roughness at the end of the grinding process that is as close as possible to polishing, down to a Ra of 0.05 ".

The Vaulx-en-Velin-based company also stands out for its know-how in hard turning machining, for wear parts requiring high hardness of 50 to 67 HRC and 2,000 HV for carbide, with " high precision ". Since 2016, Create Outillage has set up a division dedicated to finishing, creating an air-conditioned room with a uniform temperature, in which the Studer CT960, the Hardinge lathe, and the control and EDM section are located. " Our goal is to get down to the micron level, " smiles Benjamin Julliere.