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Evatec-Tools: increasingly optimized solutions

Investments and performance: a cocktail that boosts the French fuel manufacturer.


Evatec-Tools: increasingly optimized solutions

To continue to design and develop with its customers cutting tools, wear tools and tooling that will meet their performance and productivity needs, Evatec-Tools has invested.Investments that allow the carburizer to provide its customers with optimized solutions for machining, wear, stamping or deformation applications, whether standard or special, for small or large series.

By equipping itself with a robotized electric press with a pressing force of up to 50 tons, Evatec-Tools gains in speed on series changes. This new press allows the group to gain in productivity, in precision, while having a greater homogeneity in the series of plates.

In terms of grinding, the carburetor was looking for a versatile solution that was open in terms of part production, particularly for grinding parts with very heterogeneous tungsten carbide geometries. Evatec-Tools opted for a 5-axis grinding machine, equipped with a robotized cell to manufacture the most complex cutting tools (profiled inserts, rotating sharpened chipbreakers, constant relief milling cutters...) up to wear parts. "The grinding machine produces carbide cutting blades for cutting honeycomb composites, and we obtain high-quality, polyglazed finishes with extremely sharp cutting edges," says Benjamin Julliere, the group's manager. This grinding machine improves the performance of the group in the profiling of parts, in the realization of inscribed circle, profiles, cutting faces and drafts. The high precision, the improvement of the management of the flows and the efficiency are with the appointment.

Internal powder metallurgy laboratory

As a French carbide manufacturer, Evatec-Tools offers its know-how in the development of high-performance tungsten carbide grades for machining, wear, impact and deformation applications. Uncoated or coated grades (PVD and CVD), the group's technicians guide users towards the optimum choice according to their needs and constraints: high resistance to wear, high resilience, resistance to high temperatures or limitation of bonding. Within the group, the nuances are not only developed but also tested.

The mastery of grinding and granulation of tungsten carbide, cobalt and other additive powders, in conjunction with a new generation HIP furnace, allows for a carbide quality that is more resistant to cracking and bending.

French manufacturing

The Evatec-Tools group is proud to design and manufacture its tools on four production sites, all based in France. The technicality of its products as well as the know-how of its technicians are recognized by the major industrial contractors. The new investments are perfectly in line with the offer that the group wishes to perpetuate with its customers.