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French cutting tools for the automotive sector

The environmental issue is driving the evolution of the current automotive market: lighter materials, hybrid and electric cars. As a result, this places new demands on car manufacturers. A French carburetor offers a range of tools where quality and reliability result in cost savings per part.


French cutting tools for the automotive sector

The societal and environmental upheavals we are experiencing are causing the evolution of many industrial sectors. The automotive sector is one of them, strongly impacted: less polluting cars, lower consumption, lighter materials, hybrid and electric cars. Consequently, this new situation imposes economic constraints to which car manufacturers must adapt.

An offer of studied tools

Evatec-Tools offers a range of tools designed and developed in collaboration with users to meet these industrial challenges.With four production plants based in France, Evatec-Tools' primary mission is to design and develop cutting tools, wear tools and tooling that meet the performance and productivity needs of its customers. Whether it is for single parts, small or large series, the tools manufactured make it possible to create competitive advantages where others are struggling to release productivity gains.

Automotive Solutions

Evatec-Tools has a recognized know-how in this key sector that employs millions of people. The group has a policy of sustained investment in digital and robotized production means to meet the requirements of the various applications: external groove machining, internal chamfering, frontal groove operations, drilling and facing operations as well as punching and stamping.

Whether the solution is to meet specific and unusual requirements or whether the need is standard, the group offers a complete range of quality tools for the machining of transmission shafts and gears, engine parts (cylinders, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts and connecting rods), turbochargers, gearboxes, crankcases, spherical bearings and brake calipers.

Solutions adapted to your needs

Evatec-Tools perfectly meets the requirements of the machining industry, such as turning and milling, but also for more specific applications, such as deep drilling, counterboring or drilling. The wear parts manufactured are intended for cold or semi-hot forging, metal forming, cutting, deformation or any process requiring wear-resistant parts. The group also manufactures dies and punches for this sector.

Being a carburetor is a strength for the group. Indeed, Evatec-Tools' complete mastery of the carbide parts manufacturing chain and its know-how in powder metallurgy enable it to design high-performance grades that generate optimal gains for its users in the main industrial sectors, i.e. automotive, aeronautics, energy, heavy and precision mechanics.