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Good cutting tools give you a competitive edge

Choosing the right cutting tools for machining is not always easy. Evatec-Tools offers its solutions to obtain a profitable production.


Good cutting tools give you a competitive edge

The primary mission of the Evatec-Tools group is to design and develop with its customers cutting tools, wear tools and tooling that meet their performance and productivity needs, whether for single parts, small or large series. High-quality tools that enable its customers to create competitive advantages where others are struggling to unlock productivity gains in a sector as strategic as aeronautics, but also in the automotive, steel and energy sectors.

Meet the requirements of the machining industry

With continuous investments in digital and robotized production means, the Evatec-Tools group wants to meet the requirements of the machining trades such as turning and milling but also for more specific applications such as deep drilling, counterboring or drilling. The wear parts manufactured are intended for cold or semi-hot forging, metal forming, cutting, deformation or any process requiring wear-resistant parts.

Complete control of the manufacturing chain of carbide parts

The Evatec-Tools group designs and manufactures in France not only the tungsten carbide tools, but also the high-performance grades that will generate gains. "Our strength lies in our complete mastery of the carbide parts manufacturing chain and in our powder metallurgy know-how," explains Benjamin Julliere, group manager. "We are the prime contractor for our own carbide grades," he continues. In the workshop, the parts can be machined raw in order to produce finished dimensional blanks. The cutting or wear tools are then sintered in a HIP sintering furnace which allows the densification of the material and guarantees an optimal quality. For applications requiring precise tolerances, the parts are finished in the finishing shop and can be ground on high-precision 4- and 5-axis CN grinding machines. "This is the case of these one-piece tungsten carbide knives, dedicated to the ultrasonic cutting of composite materials. From carbide blanks to ground knives, these one-piece knives give a clean cut, guaranteeing the quality of the cutting edge, without vibrations, for cutting wing panels in composite materials, in particular. Mainly used in the aeronautical sector, these tools can also be used in the automotive and food sectors" concludes Mr. Julliere.