Wear and Special Carbide Parts

Wear - Carbide


From parts weighing several grams to others weighing several kilograms, we make all kinds of parts to our customers’ drawings and requirements. We make prismatic sections up to 300mm length and cylindrical sections up to 185mm in diameter.

The choice of grade is made by our drawing office and is judged as finely as possible in order to avoid premature breakage at one extreme and premature wear at the other.

We also make finished parts, ready for use, giving further reassurance as regards the choice of carbide used and the guarantee of product traceability. Our range of tungsten carbide grades will cover all your applications, and our technical department will provide the solution to your requirement for quality and maximum throughput.

Thanks to the use of HIP sintering process, the Carbide quality is guaranteed!

The “sinter HIP” (Hot Isostatic Pressing) type of sintering is in fact a basic sintering followed by a pressure stage in the sintering furnace, with a high temperature in order to absorb the porosities.

Advantages of the HIP sintering process:

•Better quality for our carbide: better resistance to flexion because of the reduction of all porosities;

•Thanks to its recent technology, it enables to improve the sintering cycle’s parameters and obviously to improve constantly and significantly our metallurgical quality.

•The HIP processing is necessary for materials with a cobalt-containing of less than 15%, and is absolutely required for “low-cobalt” materials whose cobalt-containing ≤ to 5% (for grades k01 up to k05);

•The products which have been the result of the HIP process, recognized by all the profession, become also a requirement from toolmakers who use tungsten carbide from K01 to K30 –tools of compression, dies for stamping, cold drawing, extrusion- as a result of substantial capital gains of machining realized for the finishing (with diamond grinding, wire, polishing, and other finishing processes which are for the most during a long-time and cost a lot.)



Raw sintered stock, i.e., without any operation after the parts have been sintered, can be  executed per customers’ drawings to the finished dimensions calculated by our technicians, adding any extra thickness necessary for subsequent finishing.

This extra thickness is dependent on the part’s geometry and material grade. It is calculated as accurately as possible so as to minimise the cost of any further grinding.

All shapes can be produced in blank stock, with extra thickness for grinding or made to the requested finished dimensions if the tolerance is compatible (screw holes, screw head counterbores, bevels, etc). Raw sintered stock is produced with a dimensional tolerance between quality 13 and 14. Beyond this tolerance, the final tolerance will have to be achieved by diamond wheel grinding or by spark erosion, as circumstances require.

Other special tools

To optimise your current performance and provide solutions for your special applications, evatec-tools designs special tools that allow several cutting operations to be combined into one.


These innovative solutions enable improvements in the final quality while reducing machining cycle times.

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