Drilling & Counterboring

Standard and special tools for drilling

The wide range of evatec-tools drilling tools will meet all your requirements, standard or special:

  • HSS drilling knives and Knife holders available for your holes from 35mm to 220mm diameter and useful lengths of up to 1000mm
  • HSS drilling plugs and plug holder extension shafts from 25mm to 80mm diameter and useful lengths of 300mm to 1000mm
  • Drill with inserts from 20mm to 250mm diameter and useful lengths from 2mm to 20mm
  • Single piece carbide drill to drawing - drill with carbide stage
  • Drilling cassette and head up to 300mm diameter (drilling heads for reworking and specially shapes)



  • po à lamer

  • by knife

surfacing-couterboring: HSS 5% cobalt and carbide insert (Ø25 to Ø150) tool holders for push or pull counterboring

  • by eccentric or interpolative cutting
  • by milling cutter
  • SPECIAL counterboring tool holders



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