A look back at 2007

“At the end of March, 2007, the evatec-tools group confirmed a growth in turnover lying in the region of 14%. The investment strategy we undertook and implemented two years ago is fulfilling customer requirements. Design, manufacture, and sales of special tools comfort the group’s position in a profitable niche, standing out from the competition through responsiveness, innovative capacity, and performance.”

Machining solutions especially for you

The Evatec-tools group is first and foremost a company which pools its many skills to offer each customer a customised, optimised selection of products. For this, Evatec-tools designs, makes, and markets a range of products in its home country of France and abroad which includes tungsten carbide wear parts and cutting tool inserts as well as standard and special tool holders with mechanical fastenings. In addition, Evatec-tools provides special integrated carbide tools, PCD, CBN and ceramic tools and inserts, and offers an industrial cutting tool grinding service. Its production structure, spread across France from North to South, enables it to provide a high level of responsiveness towards order givers.

With over 30 years experience in the cutting tools, attachments, and wear parts sector,
Evatec-tools is acknowledged for its know-how, in fields such as heavy and precision mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, automotive parts, and mouldings. The evatec-tool sales staff will provide you with a custom proposal to match your exact requirements and will give you their expert advice on the use of products.



To contribute to its development, maintain its growth, and remain firmly on the innovation trail, the evatec-tools group in partnership with Actarus (a company specialising in the real-time inspection of machining), makes inserts incorporating temperature probes to enable continuous monitoring of the cutting operation. The next project is to adapt this application to milling and drilling tools.


Ours strengths

  • Custom Production                                
  • Responsiveness and flexibility
  • Technically featured products                                
  • Individualised service                                
  • Experienced sales team

The Evatec-tools spirit of enterprise

When Pascal Julliere created evatec in 1992, its main business was trading in industrial supplies, most notably cutting tools. Over the years, a cutting tool production and grinding workshop grew up within this company. In 2001, Mr Julliere bough the GMO company, which makes tool holders and attachments to drawing. This acquisition was the start of the group’s future offering, covering a whole range of complementary products and services. In 2004, evatec-tools completed its product range by buying out Carbex, a manufacturer of carbide cutting tools and specific wear parts.

The group's main aim then became to help customers achieve productivity gains through the design, manufacture, and sale of parts whose technical features enable almost perfect mastery of the machining operation.


1949: Founding of Carbex: tungsten carbide manufacture
1971: Founding of GMO: special attachments and tool holders
1992:  Founding of evatec-tools: cutting tool dealer
2001: Purchase of GMO: special attachments and tool holders
2004: Purchase of Carbex, renamed
evamet: cutting tools and wear parts
2006: Partnership with Actarus
2006: ISO 9001 certification
2007: Technological investments amounting to 2.7 million euros

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