Manufacture of standard and special tools

We are motivated to supply an increasingly customised and responsive service, to improve the technical properties of our products at every opportunity, and to provide customers with productivity gains by optimising their machining operations.

Over the last two years, Evatec-tools has invested nearly 3 million euros in the group’s factories in the aim of renewing the production paltform. The installation of latest-generation machines allows us to meet requirements that have appeared due to new uses for machine tools (high speed machining, hard machining, dry machining) and new machine tool designs (lower power, more rigid, additional axes, etc.).

The investments made by Evatec-tools demonstrate the group’s will to provide ongoing improvement of its manufacturing quality, notably as regards all that has a bearing on inserts and special tool holders. This revolves around a vast range of dimensions and the ability to meet requirements for various types of machining, including hard materials (reinforced, ceramic inserts, single piece and brazed tools using PCD and PCBN).  

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