Design of custom parts

Your productivity is our priority. To meet this claim, Evatec-tools takes every step to ensure it understands your requirements in their fullest detail and strives to find solutions for use in your standard and complex machining operations.

Steeped in a culture of innovation, the specialist draughtsmen at Evatec-tools know how to juggle custom requests with manufacturing times. The use of high-performance development software (CAD/CAM) enables our staff to express its know-how through the production of wear parts to drawing, of cutting inserts with special geometries to suit various materials (carbide, PCD, PCBN, HSS, metal and reinforced ceramic), of standard or specific long-length (HSK) attachments, of combined tools (drilling - counterboring), and of standard or special tool holders for miscellaneous machining.

Close collaboration between Evatec-tools development specialists gives rise to the promotion in the company of research into new technologies, enabling innovation in machining, especially on complex shapes or exotic materials for which cutting conditions remain to be optimised (titanium, carbon, super alloys, etc).  

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